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I don't generally tell library stories because I have not had that much interesting happen while I was in the library. In fact the most interesting thing to happen in recent months was a beagle got in the building and pooped but I was on break and didn't even see it. That all changed today because I had an amusing patron.

I am at the circ desk and check out the older (parents age plus 5-10 years) gentleman. I am a little flustered because he had a book pile and a magazine pile and I forgot to scan the magazines so I had to reopen the checkout screen. I finish the transaction and say have a good day.

The man starts to step away and goes, "oh, happy mothers day"

I stare blankly back and go errr. Not because I am offended (I find it hard to be offended by people who are being nice) but still.

Man: You're not a mother are you?
Me: No. But I'll make sure to tell my mother happy mothers day.
Man: OK

He steps away from the counter but then stops and turns around to say

Man: Well maybe someday?
Me: Uhhhh maybe, if I ever have some money
Man: ok

The he walked away from the desk and out the door.


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