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Yesterday was pretty normal and nothing of much interest happened. I have been taking my vitamins again and I feel like my nails are breaking a little less now. Oh and I spent a bit of time catching up on Bakuman and one chapter of Nana.

I am mostly excited though about my 500 mile biking goal. I use zelky (though it is slow I have not seen better for free) to keep track of my workouts. Well one thing I really like is it highlights the days you enter a workout so if I see a lot of blue squares I know I am doing good. Often there are gaps of 10+ days in there with no workouts, so I have decided to change that this month. For July I will bike every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes (Considering I have been doing two 20 minute sessions per day lately I think it'll be ok.)so that I do not break my habit of working out.

My other goal was once I broke 150 pounds (as in the minute I get 149.9) I am allowed to purchase my passport and not a moment before then. I have been hovering between 160-163 the last month or two so I am using the time Ben is gone to step up the exercise. since he is not here to contribute to groceries I am also trying to eat as cheaply as possible (but still healthily) so very little going out or buying desserts for me. Or this could just be because I am lazy and don't want to go to the store so I will survive on pasta and peas as long as possible. I just wish the giant Eagle by my work had better produce. The apples I got from there were brown and gross inside after a day or two. I am thinking of hitting the store when I go to Lorain tomorrow as there might be sales on holiday stuff (corn, watermelon, etc. I bought dried kidney beans at the store b/c it is supposedly much cheaper than canned. Trying to use the rice cooker to cook them a little faster than soaking overnight + 1-2 hours.

I just finished reading High Fidelity for school (yuck) and I will watch the movie probably later today. Oh my, I just realized I haven't updated my reading list in forever! Granted there is little non-school reading on it because I don't have much time, but still!


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