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The snow yesterday was my favorite kind. I didn't know if I could catch the sparkle on film, but I did try after work (about 10 pm).


Jan. 6th, 2010 02:26 pm
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It has been a very very long time since I have done any artwork and especially not with my new (to me) Macbook. My scanner is living in the basement storage area (likely cordless) so I have to wait for en to come home and help me figure out the brother combo thing.

Today I reached my goal for exercise and surpassed it by two minutes. I also did a very small drawing which probably did not take the required time as I got interrupted by my housemate home from San Francisco, but something is better tan nothing. And I look forward to sharing my sketch (In a very cheap $1 sketch book.) Another project I am considering starting is crocheting a hat with the large amounts of gray yarn I have because damn it is cold out.
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I have been thinking about goals today. Reading everyone's New Years resolutions can be inspiring in ways. There are many people that want to get in shape or do something different than previous years. I have been working on getting in shape for a few years now. I don't feel like I can call it a real New Years resolution- or if I want a New Years resolution at all.

Today Ben told me he wants to get into an opera program. I want to tell him to work on that and only that for one hour a day. I imagine saying, if you can't care enough to give an hour a day for it you really don't want it. An hour isn't that much right? So my goal this year is to spend an hour every day on things that I want and need. I will exercise 30 minutes each day ad spend another 30 on various arts projects (photography, knitting, drawing, etc.) I car about myself and I care about my interests. They deserve an hour of my time every day. Additionally I would like to keep track of progress here, so hopefully interesting things to share soon!


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